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What should we do when the fuser assebly occure paper jammed ?

The Common and most difficult to handle are paper jams that occur in the fuser assembly. The reasons are: use substandard paper; there is a foreign object in the fuser assembly; fuser roller surface has more toner, wastepaper, toner is melted by heating, hardened when cooled; fuser cover bad pressing and so on.
Therefore, users should be reminded not to use low quality carbon powder and some shoddy papers, and timely clean paper roller, to reduce the degree of contamination inside the printer,
The fuser assembly has more components, the design is complex, will bring some difficulties to exclude the jam fault.
The approximate solution is as follows:
1,When the fuser assembly is jammed, it should stop immediately,open the front cover and take out the ink box.
2,If a part of the paper is not been involved in the fuser or front end has some parts of the paper have been discharged from the fuser, the fuser should be separated from the other gear, and then pulled out evenly along the direction of the paper. Pay attention to pulling the paper evenly, don't tear up the paper, so as to avoid troubleshooting more difficult.
3,If the whole piece of paper is all involved in the fuser assembly, you can't use a sharp tool to pick it up;the correct operation is to unload the paper pressing roller and its locking device, the cardboard,fuser shield.
4,Gently pull out the printing paper which is stuck inside evenly along the direction of the paper;press follow the direction of the paper. You can't draw the printing paper in the opposite direction, because it will cause the sensor to deform and break. After pulling out the cardboard, carefully check whether the paper is complete. Never leave scraps of paper in the paper feed passages so as not to clog the feed passages.
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