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What Are The Laser Printer Parts ?

Laser Printer Parts Components:
A laser printer typically consists of 8 Field Replaceable:
1、Toner Cartridge
2、Laser Scanning Assembly
3、High Voltage Power Supply
4、DC Power Supply
5、Paper Transport Assembly
6、Transfer Corona Assembly
7、Fuser Assembly
8、Formatter Board
1) Toner Cartridge-A toner cartridge comprises of a toner, print drum, charge corona wire and the
cleaning blade. Toner consists of a carbon substance mixed with iron oxide and polyester resins.
2) Laser Scanning Assembly-A laser reflects off of a mirror onto the drum and discharges the drum. Once the drum is discharged (to about -100 VDC), toner will stick to it.
3) High Voltage Power Supply (HVPS)-This converts the input AC voltage to DC and supplies high voltages (-600 VDC) to the Charge corona wire and Transfer corona wire.
4) DC Power Supply (DCPS)-This applies +5 and -5 VDC to the formatter board and +24 VDC to the paper transport motors.
5) Paper Transport Assembly-This is responsible for moving the paper through the printer. It
comprises of a motor and rollers. The pickup rollers pick up a single sheet of paper from the paper
tray, whereas the registration rollers synchronize the paper movement with the image on the print
6) Transfer Corona Assembly-This is either a wire or roller just beneath the printer cartridge,
which applies a high positive charge to the paper as it is pulled through the printer. The positively
charged paper attracts the negatively charged toner particles to form an image on the paper.
7) Fusing Assembly-The fuser contains 3 componentts, a halogen heating lamp, aTeflon coated
fusing roller and a pressure roller. The halogen lamp heats the fusing roller to 350 F before the toner
is melted onto the paper by the fuser unit.
8) Formatter Board
This is the main circuit board in the printer that is responsible for translating data received from the
computer into data that the printer can understand

These coomponents are commonly known as laser printer parts.
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