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Replacing Fuser Assembly For HP LaserJet P2055 - Part 1: Disassemble The Fuser Assembly

When replacing fuser assembly for your HP LaserJet P2055 printer, you can actually get this done by yourself to save your money, but it requires some time and tools, and it would be better to do it at a good work place with good light. There's a lot of processes for this work, so today I'm going to show you how to disassemble the fuser assembly.

Sometimes you still have some print quality issues though you replaced the toner, such as that the paper comes out with loosen toner or some flaws, that's part of the fuser assembly or the sleeve, so we need to know how solve the problem with the fusing unit, before we replace a new one, just need to remove the old one, but it's definitely not too easy to do it by yourself. Let's get started with a philip and a flat blade screwdriver, and a pair of nipper pliers also, turn off the power button, open the font cover plate to remove the toner cartridge inside, use the flat plate screwdriver to remove the cover plates at the right side and left side, and then pull out the paper tray. Now let's get to the back part of the machine, we have to take several screws off to remove the back door plate, for removing the top plate and then anther group of screws and a wiring harness need to be removed to take off top plate. Get to the back part again to remove several wiring harnesses, some screws more need to be removed again, and unplug carefully some wires out of sockets, after pull out all the linkages with the fuser assembly, now let's take off the group of driving gears in there. after all these complicated processes, now we pull the fuser assembly right out and you could see the things inside the assembly, the fuser film sleeve, fuser rollers and so on, the fuser film sleeve is usually torn that cause the print quality. Next part I will show you how to reassemble a repaired fuser unit or a new one.
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