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How to repalce the fuser film for printer?

1, Remove the fixing assembly, remove the machine shell, take down the fuser assembly and take care of the gears and wires when taking ;
2, Disassemble the fixing assembly, the plastic parts of the bayonet carefully removed, so as not to damage, and remember the first demolition, after loading, after the demolition of the first installation.
3 Remove the damaged or used fuser film from the fixing film assembly or the fixing assembly.
4, Use cotton swabs stained with alcohol to clean ceramic heater and stent surface  ( be sure cleaned, so as not to damage the fixing film again)
5. Use plastic or small pieces of wood, or fingers, to scoop out some grease from the container
6, Apply fuser grease to about 15-20 places on the surface
of the heater (heating element and fixture),total amount of grease to apply is around 0.035oz,or 1 gram for Letter/A4, and 0.07 oz or 2.0 gram for A3 (wide) paper printer.
7. Apply with plastic or wooden pieces or fingers the surface of the ceramic heating plate and holder, and place as many points as possible on the edges until the grease is evenly distributed over the surface of the ceramic heating plate and holder. (remember, the surface of the film can not be stained with gear, so as to avoid the fixing film slipping, and the fixing part is jammed.)
8. Fix the fixing film and make sure that the side of the grounding ring is connected with the conductive ring of the lower roller (the black rubber conductive gear) or the conductive brush on the same side
9. Turn the fixing film several circles by hand. When the sense fixing film is rotated smoothly, the fixing film assembly and the lower roller can be assembled together.
10, When all the installation is completed, open the machine, self-test run 3-5 times (open the front cover and close again, repeated self check), the purpose: let the fixed film idling, after completion of more than a dozen of test paper and no jam, that is OK,END
1, Operate the printer fixing film must be careful, remember to stop the power during operation;
2. Ensure that the original type of fixing film is replaced
3, When installing and removing the fixing film, pay attention to protect the heating ceramic film in the fixing film;
4. When fixing the fixing film, pay attention to the direction of the film. At the same time, the surface of the film must be ensured to be smooth. Otherwise, it will cause jam easily and cause damage to the film again.
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