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Maintenance Kit

Printer maintenance kit is also called PM kit, which is a set of consumable parts for replacement after a certain time of printing, that can help keep your printer in good performance as same as new one.

The parts included in the printer maintenance kit are usually fuser assembly, pickup rollers, separation pads, transfer roller and so on.
- Separation Pad: help the pickup rollers to tug a single sheet of paper and separate it from other.
- Transfer Roller: an electrically charged roller to transfer toner from the drum to the paper.
- Fuser Assembly: a component to be responsible to fuse and fix toner onto the paper.
- Pickup Roller: also named feed roller, are used to pick up the paper from the paper tray and feed it to the printing parts.

At Zhonghui Technology, you don’t need to worry about purchasing inferior quality maintenance kit, in addition to a series of precise manufacturing processes, we also have technicians to test parts time to time to ensure the rejected products not to be sold at the marketplace.
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