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Fuser Film Sleeve
Fuser film sleeve is used to sleeve over the upper fuser roller, it has excellent performance at thermal conduction and wear resistance. The paper with toner images is rolled across by the upper fuser roller when it pass through the fusser assembly, the function of fuser film sleeve is to transfer heat quickly from the fuser roller to the toner and melt it onto the fiber of paper.

Recently the R & D department at Zhonghui Technology has solely developed a new fuser film sleeve with new technologies which that film surface with metallic coated and some material with electromagnetic induction, such type of item can withstand heavy duty of printing and is compatible with brand named printers with high speed, it’s a type of ideal supplies for refurbished printer part manufacturers. Samples are available for your test if you need, we believe that will bring you substantial profit for your business in the future, please feel free to contact us.
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