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Fuser Assembly

Printer fuser assembly is sometimes called printer fuser unit or printer fuser kit. It is a critical component that consists of upper fuser roller and lower pressure roller to perform the final printing process which is to fuse and bond the toner onto the fiber of paper, that is to say, to fix the texts and graphics on the paper.

Just like other laser printer parts, printer fuser assembly can not be used forever, so it comes as a removable unit for replacing with use and time. In addition to the pair of rollers mentioned above, fuser assembly also has other parts in it to complete the fusing process, such as fuser film sleeve, heating element, fuser thermistor and driving gears, so you sometimes only need to purchase the single part and replace it to fix the problem.

At Zhonghui Techology, you don’t need to worry about purchasing inferior quality printer fuser kit, in addition to a series of precise manufacturing processes, we also have technicians to test parts from time to time to ensure the rejected products not to be sold at the marketplace.
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